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Related Courses

  • Oral/Interpersonal Communication Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10801196

    Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communication, and listening skills through individual presentations, group activities, and other projects.

    Offered Collegewide

    Fall 2019

  • Technical Reporting Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10801197

    The student will prepare and present oral and written technical reports. Types of reports may include lab and field reports, proposals, technical letters and memos, technical research reports, and case studies. Designed as an advanced communication course for students who have completed at least the prerequisite introductory writing course.


    Fall 2019

  • Speech Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10801198

    Explores the fundamentals of effective oral presentation to small and large groups. Topic selection, audience analysis, methods of organization, research, structuring evidence and support, delivery techniques, and other essential elements of speaking successfully, including the listening process, form the basis of the course.

    Online, Rice Lake

    Fall 2019

  • Applied Communications Undergraduate | 2 Credits

    CATALOG #32801361

    This basic communication course focuses on effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing in life and at work. Students demonstrate their skills both individually and in groups. Students also produce such employment documents as a cover letter, a resume, and a preliminary job portfolio.

    Offered Collegewide

    Fall 2019

  • English Composition 1 Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10801136

    This course is designed for learners to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of the writing process. Planning, organizing, writing, editing and revising are applied through a variety of activities. Students will analyze audience and purpose, use elements of research, and format documents using standard guidelines. Individuals will develop critical reading skills through analysis of various written documents.

    Offered Collegewide

    Fall 2019

  • Writing Essentials Undergraduate | 2 Credits

    CATALOG #99831900

    This transitional course prepares students for success in English Composition. Topics include basic principles of composition, including organization, development, unity, and coherence in paragraphs and multi-paragraph documents. This course cannot be used to meet any General Studies course requirements for graduation in a program. COREQUISITE: 10801136 English Composition 1

    Offered Collegewide

    Fall 2019

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