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  • Work Zone Safety & OSHA 10 Undergraduate | 2 Credits

    CATALOG #31449310

    Students will be introduced to the principles and convey the importance of using proper methods for safe and efficient temporary traffic control at work sites. Students will examine specific applications relevant to situations routinely encountered by city, county, utility, contractor, and DOT crews. Students will understand how to reduce motor vehicle traffic crashes at roadwork sites, resulting in greater safety for highway users and workers alike. Students will complete the OSHA 10-Hour Construction course, which covers a broad spectrum of valuable health and safety workplace topics that will familiarize them with OSHA Construction standards. These topics will include the OSHA Construction Focus Four, identifying common worksite hazards, tool operation and more. Students will examine environmental, health & safety standards, PPE requirements and achieve confined space certification.

    Rice Lake

    Spring 2021

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