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  • Applied Information Resources Undergraduate | 2 Credits

    CATALOG #32890305

    This course will allow the student to develop skills in research, evaluation, selection, and preparation of information resources useful to their career area. Students will use various information resources, including computer software applications to develop sound information research strategies. Students will be exposed to ethical use of information, information provided by various methods and stored in various management formats, communicating by e-mail, developing search and selection of information resources, analysis, and use of results. This discussion- and lab-based course will use individual and group work to search and share information resources. Competencies learned in this course will be able to be applied in other courses within your program and will continue to be valuable in lifelong learning.

    New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

    Fall 2020

  • Job Quest Undergraduate | 1 Credit

    CATALOG #10890116

    Develop documents and skills to seek, obtain, and retain employment. Strengthen your professional image by developing self-awareness of elements affecting interpersonal and work relationships. Guidelines for determining appropriate grooming, dress, and poise will be covered. Personal life management along with career/life goal setting will be reinforced. This class should be taken in the last semester of the program.


    Fall 2020

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