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  • Physical Aspects of Aging Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544104

    Analyze normal and pathological changes occurring in the aging human body with special emphasis on age-related chronic diseases. Topics addressed include analysis of biological theories of aging, cultural/ ethnic influence on aging pathologies, and other factors impacting the aging process.

    Offered Collegewide

    Spring 2020

  • Alzheimer's and Dementia Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544105

    Examine the signs, symptoms and stages of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and how these diseases affect physiology and brain function. This course focuses on the principles of communicating and providing care to individuals with memory loss and confusion while learning the best practices for dealing with behavior changes, challenges with the activities of daily living, and strategies to assist caregivers.


    Spring 2020

  • Healthy Aging Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544106

    Investigate practices that promote healthy aging including nutrition, physical activity, prevention practices, and commonly prescribed medications for the older adult. Emphasis will focus on the "well" elderly population and practices identified to address current aging trends.


    Spring 2020

  • Death and Dying Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544107

    Explore societal, cultural, and personal views of death, dying, and bereavement. Examine losses experienced during the course of aging beyond the physical and emotional process of death and dying. Determine strategies for healthy transitions in coping with loss.

    Offered Collegewide

    Spring 2020

  • Developing the Gerontology Professional Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544108

    Examine the various roles of the aging services professional and the contexts in which they work. Apply relationship building, communication, ethical standards, self-care planning and practices, documentation, and other related skills to case studies and real life situations. Function as an interdisciplinary team member addressing the complex needs of aging adults. Prerequisite: Successful completion of 15 credits of 10-520-1XX OR 10-544-1XX coursework

    New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

    Spring 2020

  • Legal and Financial Issues of Aging Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544111

    Analyze legal and financial concepts and structures including Power of Attorney for health care/finance, guardianships, trusts, reallocation of assets, spending down, Medicare/Medicaid benefits, supplemental insurance, Social Security, elder abuse/neglect, financial exploitation, and relevant governmental policies. Apply knowledge through advocacy to benefit aging adults on local, state and federal levels.

    Offered Collegewide

    Spring 2020

  • Gerontology Fieldwork Undergraduate | 3 Credits

    CATALOG #10544112

    Examine the scope, values, and principles of the gerontology profession. Coursework introduces the typical roles and duties of aging services professionals. Students assess their own motivations, attitudes, and interests. In addition to the regular classroom hours, observation and fieldwork in a community-based setting working with older adults is required. Students must complete or have on file current, valid Background Information Disclosure (BID) and Caregiver Background Check (Wisconsin and/or Minnesota) forms, as part of this course. PREREQUISITE: 10544108 Developing the Gerontology Professional, 10544112 Ethics in Human Services and COREQUISITES: Successful completion or co-enrollment in all other core program courses.

    Rice Lake, Superior

    Spring 2020

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